Who is She?

My name is Jordan Love and I’m an illustrator, graphic designer and cosplayer living in the Greater New York City Area. I make curiously sweet art inspired by kawaii culture, yummy sweets and vivid pop art.

I graduated from the Art Institute of Charleston in 2012 and began my career as a freelance graphic designer. Since 2014, I have been working as a Visual Information Specialist for SAM-Lab Inc. This past spring, I earned my degree in Small Business and Entrepreneurship from Trident Technical College.

Some magical things that keep the cute things flowing from me include anything kawaii of course, yummy sweets, kinky things, Sailor Moon, cosplay, anime, my boyfriend Josh and sweet cats who help keep my ass motivated everyday (yes, even the cats), cute fashion, hoop dance, an ice cold Ramune, and sleeping on the cool side of the pillow.