Fem InuYasha

Greetings! I’m trying to keep up with updating on this blog more, but it’s challenging not being able to post from my cell. Hopefully I can get the app working soon – but anywho, I just wanted to share some photos from a cosplay photoshoot as fem InuYasha.

This photoshoot was only my second cosplay photoshoot and I certainly still consider myself a novice, but for me it’s just about having fun, and getting in costume as the characters I love most.

This photoshoot took place at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, in Brooklyn, NY and I had tons of fun and shot with a really nice photographer from NYC. Overall, it was a great experience but I learned a few lessons, like traveling with a long wig and making the mistake of not preparing with contacts before shooting (I usually wear glasses and ran out of contacts, so I went partially blind for the afternoon D=). I also felt since I didn’t give myself enough time for traveling, I didn’t have enough time to double check each aspect of my costume, which could have used some fine tuning.

Enough with the nitpicking though – here are a few photos in the gardens.

Inuyasha shoot DSC_9141-XL DSC_9139-XL DSC_9375-XL DSC_9332-XL DSC_9190-X2

Photos taken by www.odinsiris.com

Until next time babes! ♡Jordan