Happy birthday!


Welcomes babes! Finally, I’m writing my first blog post for the launch of my new website and unexpectedly it ended up being on my birthday! More than likely if you’re here you know what I do. But for those who maybe don’t know me that well, I’ll use this blog post to tell you a little about myself and what you’ll find on my website.


My name is Jordan Love and yes, that really is my given name. I’m a 24 year old graphic designer, illustrator and crafter living in Charleston, South Carolina. I earned my degree in Graphic Design in 2012 and have been utilizing it as a Visual Information Specialist at SAM-Lab Inc. since 2014. There was a gap in my freelance and personal work after graduation, but over the past couple of years I’ve been pushing hard to stay creative and to keep my brain cranking with ideas. Now I have too many projects, (sometimes more than I should), but I manage to get them all done and the outcome is so worth the satisfaction. With that being said, my portfolio reflects some of my recent work, as well as a couple of pieces from college. Make sure to check it out under the “Showcase” link up top or on my homepage.

Some of my hobbies I plan to share on this blog include illustration, art and graphic design of course, cosplay, hoop dance, crocheting and other hands-on crafts. I also plan to share a little of what inspires my everyday life like my animals, fashion, beauty, anime and manga, and any vibrant and kitschy finds I come across. I haven’t decided how often I will be updating this blog yet due to my upcoming move in May and finishing my last semester of online schooling, but stay tuned for a schedule.

Now that you know a little about me, go explore my page! I’m always welcoming commissions, or anyone who might just want to chat about design topics (like the latest update of Adobe Illustrator CC, UGH. I won’t go there right now though…), so feel free to pop a little message on my contact page. Also, if you haven’t already, check out my Instagram where I’m currently holding a little print giveaway to give back to those who have been so sweet and supportive thus far.

Until next time babes!

Jordan <3